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Lonnie Nadler is a storyteller from Vancouver, Canada. He is best known for his work at Marvel Comics that includes Age of X-Man, Cable, and Edge of Spider-Geddon. He released his critically acclaimed debut graphic novel, The Dregs, in 2017 from Black Mask Studios. His horror comic, Come Into Me, from the same publisher was named one of the best horror comics of 2018 by Paste Magazine. In 2020, his historical fiction, cosmic folk horror concoction, Black Stars Above, was released through Vault Comics. His current series, Undone By Blood, is in development with BigBaldHead Productions and AMC. If you're still reading this too-long bio, Lonnie has also penned stories for VICE, HuffPost, Blood-Disgusting, Seraphim Films, PanelXPanel, Ahoy! Comics, and numerous other publications. 


Lonnie's films have played at festivals around the world. His documentary, Co-Creators, held its world premiered at the DOXA Film Festival in 2018.


When Lonnie is not building weird stories, he's crushed by the weight of his simultaneous imposter syndrome and delusions of grandeur.


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