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The Dregs: Project


A gentrified city. Its homeless population restricted to six square blocks called The Dregs. When people start disappearing, a drug-addled homeless man obsessed with detective fiction becomes addicted to solving the mystery. Equal parts Raymond Chandler and Don Quixote set in a thriving metropolis that literally cannibalizes the homeless, The Dregs is the first homeless meta noir ever made. 

“The Dregs is (no bullshit) incredible. Warren Ellis meets Raymond Chandler. Great.” – Donny Cates (God Country, Venom)

“Lowbrow brilliant.” - New York Magazine

“Best Comics Of The Year So Far: The Dregs is far more than just a great example of its genre, it’s comic book craft at its finest.”- Book Riot

“Exceptional… A chilling Grand Guignol narrative rooted in major issues facing big cities.”- AV Club

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