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Co-Creators: Project


2018   (90 min)

Sometimes your faves become problematic. Co-Creators: The Rat Queens Story is a warts-and-all document of the comic book community’s once favourite co-creators. Vancouver director Lonnie Nadler follows Kurtis Wiebe, writer of the New York Times bestselling comic book series Rat Queens, as he builds a successful feminist comic book while dealing with publishing deadlines, a somewhat rabid fandom, and the pressures of starting a family. At the height of the book’s popularity, artist and co-creator Roc Upchurch is arrested for domestic abuse. Herein things get increasingly complex.

World Premiere: DOXA FilmFestival 2018

International Premiere: Galway Film Fleadh

"This unfussy doc is really about the difficulties, personal or otherwise, of maintaining a creative partnership." - The Georgia Straight

"Nadler used a truly profound and unique lens to tell this story." - The Peak

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